Top 5 Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

When it comes to the kitchen, we have to admit that this room is fast becoming one of the places to really get creative with design. As we are spending more time at home, the kitchen is becoming a place we spend more time in. So it stands to reason that getting the right look is important. Here are 5 great contemporary design ideas that may just be what you had in mind….

Light and Shadow

Through a mixture of blacks and whites you can create a striking and eye-catching coordination of colour. For example, solid black table tops combined with bright white cupboards mean that no one colour outshines the other. Enhancing both light and dark aspects of the design, this memorable meshing of opposites balance each other out quite nicely and a few touches of metal (such as a table top stove or cutlery basket) won’t look out of place, giving you something modern and attractive.

Big Space

Larger kitchens can benefit from utilising the space afforded with a central island and hood and impressive appliances such as American fridge freezers. Hanging pots can also be utilised over the island area, with integrated appliances that require front hinging doors being perfect because there will be the space to fully open them. Lots of drawers in the island is also something recommended because if you have the space, then it should be used effectively.


The farmhouse inspired look is a design that has never really gone away. Rustic looking metals can blend together with large sinks and wood doors to create a warm, country aesthetic. Vintage cupboards that look worn and weathered really add to the lived-in appeal. Large pots and platters strew about the sides add a nice touch too.

designer kitchen hoods

Cutting Edge

The polar opposite to rustic is a highly contemporary design. Minimal and angular, with splashes of chrome and stainless steel to give an almost surgical, antiseptic look which borders on art. Touches like hidden warming drawers, sliding sink covers and square, metallic taps are perfect. These sharp edges, along with integrated appliances and solid coloured walls make this perfect for city dwellers.


High beams of wood, trimmed at the sides and below with a stone wall backdrop and flooring. Glass jars with preserves and sauces placed on the sides make this a warm design which evokes a simpler aesthetic. With a mixture of woods and metals, this design would go very nice with a retro look stove and cooker. And of course, it would be incomplete without an espresso machine on the side counter.

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